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Student accommodation in Cardiff

When looking for student accommodation, Cardiff has some particularly key areas that students tend to stick to, being for location, rent prices or the sense of student community.

For new students who have never been to Cardiff before, Capital Properties is able to aid you in choosing the right location for your student accommodation. Cardiff University is located in the Cathays area and has several campuses dotted around the city, so some local knowledge geared with the particular course you're studying or main campus you're likely to frequent can cut down on your travel time in the morning.

The student accommodation Cardiff has to offer for many will be located in Cathays or Roath. These are our primary areas of locating students and they tend to suit Cardiff and UWIC (University of Wales Institute Cardiff aka Cardiff Metropolitan University) facilities as well as being in walking distance to the city centre.

Student accommodation in Cathays is very popular for being closest to the main university campus and the student union. It is a haven for house parties, cheap student bars and it's easy access to the city centre.

Backing onto Cathays, the student accommodation in Roath sits close to the local park and the Albany road / City Road shopping areas. Roath also has its own selection of local pubs which range from the smaller local pubs to classier bars.

Visiting the student accommodation Cardiff has, you'll come across a wide array of options available for sharing. Often students will use their first year in halls to make friends and then move out into a shared house together. In Cardiff, the majority of student properties will range between 1 and 9 bedrooms so we can easily accommodate groups in these numbers. We're quite used to meeting students' needs when it comes to locations that are near to both Cardiff University and the city centre.

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