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Guide to your new home

Getting your first home

Sharing a house or flat in Cardiff brings with it as many good as it does potential bad points. Most students will need to share due to budgetary restrictions and will often look to share with friends or other students on their course.

Capital Properties are able to assist with those looking to share but are searching on their own as well as those in groups and can regularly accommodate up to 9 people in a house.

Heres a couple of bits of info you might find useful for when you move into your new home:


There always unfortunately has to be a boring part when you rent a property and that’s the paperwork. You will be provided with various paperwork when you begin your tenancy the main thing being your contract. You will be provided with just one contract per household amongst some other paperwork. It is good to always ensure that you keep your paperwork in a file somewhere like say your kitchen drawer in case you ever need it.


Cardiff is pretty well equipped for internet connections and you should find a connection is available wherever you are in the city, however it’s always worth checking the property has the necessary connections as this can be a major concern for students. With this in mind it is pretty much unheard of for a property to not be able to receive internet.

Council tax

As a student you won’t have to pay council tax whilst living in halls or sharing with other students.

T.V. Licensing

As a general rule pretty much everyone is required to purchase a T.V License you can see the full details available at . As a Student you might be tempted to save a bit by putting off buying a license but little can ruin term time nights out like a £1000 fine that could land on your lap if you do. So always best to cover yourself and get that licence!


If you’re living in your first shared house with other students it can really pay to organise yourself and your finances early on. Make sure everyone knows if the bills are set up to come monthly, quarterly or annually as these can really creep up on you otherwise.

Rubbish collection

Cardiff council are really cracking down on people who are putting there rubbish out on the wrong days and times as this causes an ugly smelly build up of rubbish that can make your streets messy and dirty.

The council now offer a free text reminder service, you can find more information at They are now imposing fixed penalties of £100 so it’s always best make sure you are covered.


Majority of rental properties in Cathays and Roath will be fully furnished. This usually includes all white goods in the kitchen i.e fridge/freezer, washing machine, oven hob.

Beds, wardrobes, desks and chairs in bedrooms (desks and chairs usually only available in student properties). The lounge will always be furnished with at least a sofa at minimum. Other items may be available however this will vary on the size of the property.

The landlord will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all of his furniture for fair wear and tear and any malfunctioning of the fixtures, fittings and white goods in the kitchen. However if any damage or issues arise through fault of your own then you can be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Therefore always take care of your furniture and report anything of concern as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration.

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