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Student Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the most popular areas for student accommodation in Cardiff?

The main area’s Capital properties deal with tend to be Cathays and Roath since we specialise in student properties. Cardiff university main building and library is situated in Cathays itself but our properties are spread strategically so are in walking distance of Cardiff Met and the University of South Wales

I’m a single person but want a room in a shared house, can you help me?

Yes! We usually have spare rooms available in shared houses and can match you up in shared accommodation with other students in properties that have 9 bedrooms.

Do I have to fill in any forms?

Yes, we have an application form which all tenants must fill out when they decide to take a property with us.

Will I have to pay any fees?

No agency fee will be charged. When you decide on the property, all tenants will pay a holding fee of £100 which will be refunded against your deposit once your tenancy agreements have been signed.

Question: Do I have to pay a deposit?

Our new deposit scheme allows you to move in for less! Starting for houses available July 2020, the deposit amount starts from £100 which comes directly from your refunded holding fee.

Question: Am I committed to pay rent for a fixed term?

Yes, depending on the length of the tenancy you sign, you are legally required to pay the rent until the contract ends.

Question: Who will pay for the Utilities, WiFi and TV Licence?

Bills will be the responsibility of the tenant unless stated otherwise.

Question: Do I have to pay Council Tax?

Full-time students are exempt from paying council tax. Non students living in any house whether that be with or without other students are not exempt and will have to pay council tax for the whole house. This is something to take into consideration when choosing who to live with as it could get quite expensive if you're the only professional living with other students

Will my belongings be covered by the Landlord’s insurance?

No, tenants must take out insurance for their own belongings.

If you cannot find the answer you were looking for you may be able to find it on another section of the website or alternatively please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

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