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Useful information


All new tenancies commence with a minimum six month assured shorthold contract. Once the contract has been in force for just over three months, the tenancy is reviewed and we will ask if you wish the tenancy to continue. If you do not want to renew the tenancy you must inform us immediately. We will then make arrangements for the statutory notice to be served (where this notice has not already been served).

After contacting you, we will then contact the tenants. They can opt to leave the property at the end of the lease or request permission to stay on. If the tenants wish to stay in the property you have the right to decline if you wish, in which case a notice requiring possession must be served, giving the tenants a statutory two month notice period to vacate the property.

Alternatively, you can allow the tenancy to continue, in which case you can then choose to renew for a period of six months or more. A significant number of tenants do request twelve month contracts.

End of Tenancy

Once a tenancy comes to an end, we make arrangements to meet the tenant at the property. We then inspect the property, take meter readings and obtain a forwarding address for the tenant. The deposit is refunded to the tenant once we are convinced that everything is in order.

Should there be any disputes regarding the property condition, the first course of action is to give the tenant an opportunity to rectify the problem. If the tenant does not rectify the situation, we can then make a deduction from the deposit (valid estimates must be obtained indicating the cost of repair). Should an agreement not be reached between the landlord and tenant, the bond will go to dispute. We will aim to resolve the disagreement as quickly and amicably as possible. There will be an additional cost to cover any additional work should the bond go to dispute.

Empty Property

The provisions within our agency agreement do not cover your property when it is vacant. If you are concerned about the property and want us to manage it while it is empty, please inform us and we will make arrangements to do so. There may be an extra cost for this service.


We require two sets of keys for the property. For larger shared properties we will require one set of keys per tenants plus one set for us. One set is handed to the tenant upon occupation and the other is retained in our office for use in the event of an emergency. Please be aware that should you wish to use or collect these keys at any time by anyone but yourself we will require your authorisation to do so.

Intruder Alarms

Some landlords have burglar alarms fitted that have a user code as well as a master code (something that must be kept secure). The only means of changing the alarm number is with the Master code. Consequently while your tenants can have the benefit of the alarm they cannot change its settings. Due to the potential environmental impact of a malfunctioning alarm, intruder alarms should be serviced on a regular basis.

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