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Rules & Regulations

Gas Appliances

It is a legal requirement that gas installations in residential tenanted properties are inspected on an annual basis. Inspections must be carried out by a gas safe engineer and have to meet strict conditions before a safety report is issued. A copy of the report must be left at the premises. In addition, we must keep a copy of it in our files. We normally arrange for the safety inspection to be carried out for you by our registered gas engineer, unless you have a preferred contractor and unless you already have one.

Electrical Safety

The landlord has an obligation to ensure that all appliances, cabling and plugs which are left in the property are safe and meet the current safety standards. We require a copy of the current electrical safety certificate.

Smoke detectors

All HMO Properties and any property within the Cathays area require a mains connected, interconnected smoke detector system. Outside of these areas we recommend that all properties should be fitted with at least two smoke detectors. Failure to take adequate precautions (such as fitting smoke alarms) could lead to a landlord being prosecuted in the event of a fire which results in casualties. Smoke alarms are inexpensive and are easily fitted, however the batteries need to be checked regularly, something we will do during our periodic inspections.

If your property has gas appliances then you may wish to consider the installation of carbon monoxide alarms (these detect the build up of dangerous gasses). These units cost more than smoke alarms, but again serve a very useful purpose.


Any furniture left in a property should be safe to use and well maintained. Any soft furnishings must comply with fire regulations and the original fire regulation labels should be attached. If not, the furnishings must be removed from the property and they cannot be stored at the rented address.

HMO licensing and Additional Licensing

Please be advised that should your property lie within the Cathays area of Cardiff or be classed as an HMO then it will require a license. Please contact Cardiff county council for further information.

Energy performance certificates (EPC)

All rental accommodation requires an EPC, which assesses the energy performance of a property. We are able to carry this out at your request.


If the property is subject to a mortgage, the mortgage lender must be informed of your intention to let. This should be done before a tenant moves into the property.

Proof of Ownership

Proof of ownership is required this may take the form of mortgage statement, land registry documents, Solicitors paperwork


As a landlord you are still responsible for the building and accordingly the buildings insurance. Please note buildings insurance will not cover the costs of replacing or repairing carpets if they become damaged but it does however cover fixtures and fittings. If the property is furnished or part-furnished you may also wish to consider contents insurance.


Income received from renting property is subject to tax and therefore we strongly recommend that you take advice from an accountant. Expenses incurred can be set against tax liability, as can the interest paid on the mortgage.

Overseas Landlords

Landlords who reside overseas and own rented property in the UK are able to apply to the Inland Revenue for an exemption certificate, which enables us to pay them gross rent (subject to our deductions). However, if they do not apply for exemption, it is a statutory requirement that letting agents deduct tax at source, currently rated at the lowest prevailing tax rate.

In these circumstances, we will withhold the necessary funds from your account on a monthly basis and will issue a certificate at the end of each tax year indicating how much tax we have paid to the Inland Revenue, on your behalf.

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