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Landlord Services

Capital Properties has established itself as one of the leading Letting Agencies in the Cardiff area. Our office is situated in a strategic location to provide us with a sound base from which to serve the community. We specialise in lettings & management and believe in offering a quality service unmatched by other agents. Our services are designed to put the landlord first and to ensure the successful management of your property.

Services Offered

We offer both full management and let only services so you can choose which service suits your needs. Please see detailed below what is included in each package.

Full management includes

Let only service includes

Rental Appraisal

When we initially assess a property we indicate what we believe to be a realistic rent, based on present market conditions. Prospective tenants usually accept our valuation, but there may need to be some room for negotiation.

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Tenant selection

Finding the right tenant for a property is fundamental. We start by establishing criteria for the sort of person you wish to occupy your property. We then match this to prospective tenants.

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References taken depend on the type of letting, these may comprise obtaining a financial guarantor, current/previous landlord references, employment reference.

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Tenancy Agreement preparation and execution

Once suitable tenants have been found we will draw up the tenancy agreement.

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We request a deposit for all tenancies. The deposit is usually equal to one months rent. However some landlords do ask for a different amount. All deposits are required to be registered with one of the 3 government approved deposit schemes. The deposits are held until the end of the tenancy when the property is inspected and the appropriate action is taken regarding the deposit.

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Rental Collection

Rents are collected on a monthly basis on the first day of every month. Our preferred method is via bank transfer/standing order. Once the monies have cleared into our account they will be processed and transferred to you usually by 12th of every month.

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We conduct regular interim inspections of all tenanted properties in addition to a move out inspection. These inspections serve numerous purposes and allow us to visit the tenant to ensure they are taking care of the property. We also check for signs that something may be wrong with the property. If anything needs attention, we will then inform you as soon as possible, helping to reduce the risk of the problem escalating and the potential cost increasing.

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Inventories form a very important part of the tenancy. All inventories are updated with each new tenancy. The inventory lists all furnishings, fixtures, fittings plus their condition. They are used to list the condition of fixtures and fittings at the commencement and end of the tenancy to avoid any disagreements. The inventory is signed by the tenant and a copy given to them.

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Repairs & Maintenance

At Capital properties we have our own maintenance team and 24 hour call out we are therefore able to respond to reported maintenance quickly and efficiently. We also use a range of qualified contractors such as gas safe engineers, electricians, builders to name a few. We have built excellent relations with our contractors and are able to offer best possible prices because of this relationship we have priority when booking in the work.

Should any emergency arise we will endeavour to contact you, however if we are unable to, we require authorisation to attend to the emergency. There is a statutory obligation* for a landlord to make emergency repairs within a specified time frame and therefore, we occasionally need to make a quick decision.

Landlords have an obligation to ensure their property is well maintained. Carrying out repairs quickly is as important for you as it is for the tenant. After all, repairs caught early can save money. Tenants have the right to contact Environmental Health if repairs are not being attended to promptly and any ensuing enforcement order could include extra repairs. Work not done can be undertaken by them and they may add an additional charge on top of the repair bill, which could be hefty.
(*The obligation of the landlord is stated in the Landlord & Tenants Act 1985, section 11).

We strongly advise landlords to check their properties annually for any preventative maintenance that may be necessary, especially between tenancies. This will ensure that your property remains in a good condition

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In addition to the inventory at move in we take meter readings. These readings are then passed on to the appropriate utility companies. We also inform the council of the change in tenancy. Should the landlord receive any information regarding bills during the term of the tenancy they must pass it to our office to be dealt with since in some instances utility companies and the council revert to the landlord address for correspondence.

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Our fees are the most competitive in the area!

Full Management

Arrangement Fee - 25% + VAT of one month's rent
For full management of a property we charge 10%+ VAT of each month's gross rent thereafter.
Inventory preparation charge begins at £100.00 + VAT and depends on the size of the house or flat

Please note we do not charge any uplift or arrangement fee for maintenance.

Let Only

Arrangement fee of one half + VAT of one month's gross rent

We are able to organise and implement many things in relation to tenancies and maintenance please contact us for further information.

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