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Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who - who'll replace him?

Peter Capaldi in leaving Doctor Who - who'll replace him?As Cardiff residents, we’re sure you can’t blame us here at Capital Properties for feeling just the tiniest bit passionate about Doctor Who. After all, Cardiff was the home of the Doctor Who Experience, it’s the home of Ianto’s Shrine, and it’s the backdrop of most Doctor Who episodes.

That’s why we’ve found ourselves speculating about who the new Doctor Who will be after the departure of Peter Capaldi after one more season and a Christmas special later this year. Whoever takes up the Whovian mantle has some big boots to fill, following an ever expanding list of great actors.

Below are 6 picks that we believe would make a great choice as the new Doctor.

Olivia Colman

It is impossible not to love Olivia Colman, whether you know her from Peep Show or Broadchurch (alongside Doctor Who alum David Tennant), it’s clear that this is an actor who knows how to be funny as well as hamming up the melodrama, making her a perfect pick for the next Doctor.

Isn’t it about time we had a female Doctor?

Eddie Redmayne

Here is another actor who has displayed his versatility on screen, and we’re sure people will support this idea thanks to Eddie Redmayne’s recent role as Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, where he played a lovable and quirky stranger, which is basically The Doctor’s character boiled down to just a few words.

However, we’re not sure the BBC will be willing to pay Eddie Redmayne’s fees to star as The Doctor, which we imagine are a lot.

Natalie Dormer

Anyone who has watched Game of Thrones is bound to have fallen in love with Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell, and sure to be keen on the idea of having a Doctor with a steely gaze. Natalie Dormer’s self-assuredness would make her an interesting and formidable Doctor, likely scaring Daleks and Weeping Angels more than they frighten her.

Zawe Ashton

Most people probably know Zawe Ashton as Vod from the university comedy Fresh Meat, and while we’re not sure she should bring some of Vod’s habits to Doctor Who, we are 100% positive that the energy she expressed in Fresh Meat would make her an extremely entertaining Doctor.

Personally, Zawe Ashton is our pick for the new Doctor.

Ben Whishaw

Best known for his role as Q in Skyfall and Spectre, Ben Whishaw has already had experience surrounding himself with nonsense, albeit cool, gadgets, and when it comes to playing the Doctor, that’s pretty much half the process of getting into character.

It seems that Ben Whishaw is the choice for many people when it comes to being the new Doctor, but we’ll have to wait until the end of the year to see if they're correct.

Hayley Atwell

If anyone reading this is a Marvel fan, then we’re positive they’ll put their full support behind this choice. Hayley Atwell played the awesome Peggy Carter in a number of Marvel superhero films as well as having her own spin-off TV show.

We’d love to see Hayley Atwell fighting through space and time, she’s not on our screens often enough if you ask us.

Do you have a different choice for who should be the next Doctor Who? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll share our favourite suggestions.

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