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Cardiff Coffee Shops Guide: Second Cup

Second Cup CardiffSecond Cup is one of Cardiff's newest and brightest coffee shops; it opened only a few short weeks ago. Of course, we felt it was our duty to pop in for a visit to give our official Capital Properties review.

Second Cup is a Canadian coffee shop which has branches in 27 countries, and this is their first Welsh café, though they hope to open more in the coming months, and after our experience, we’re more than happy with that!


Second Cup is located on Queen Street, close to the Capitol shopping centre, on the same side of the road as Lush and Parc Lane chip shop. This central location means it’s easily accessible, though it’s often quite busy due to its convenient location – that said, we had no problem finding a table, as there is plenty of seating space.

It isn’t a particularly great location for students looking for a quick caffeine hit in-between lectures, but if you’re in town for whatever reason then it’s definitely worth a visit.


Second Cup offers an almost overwhelming range of coffees, and there’s sure to be a coffee to suit every taste, though you may get the jitters before you can sample everything that’s on offer!

During our visit, we had a green tea latte, which was the perfect blend of sweet and foamy. We highly recommend it!

If you’re looking for more typical coffee fare, you can get a standard flat white, cappuccino or anything else you’re used to getting in other coffee shops. There is plenty of variety, even if you’re not a fan of coffee.


Second Cup offers a range of lunch options, but the draw is their baked goods. We tried the lemon muffin on our visit, and we have to say, it was top-notch. The muffin was delicious, but the lemon filling was a bit too sticky, though that’s a minor complaint.

If you tried a different coffee on each visit, you could probably have something different to eat at the same time. Variety is the name of the game in Second Cup.


The cost of the latte and muffin was £5.10; considering that the portions are very generous this isn’t too expensive, and seems to be in keeping with the standard pricing for coffee shops in Cardiff. Though it is the drinks themselves that would make this the place we visit more than similar priced competitors.


The design of Second Cup is extremely sleek and stylish, and they have some of the nicest card readers we’ve ever seen! The café is cosy, despite taking up 3 floors, and when we went, there were tea candles lit on all the tables. It perhaps isn’t quiet enough for people who want to concentrate on work, but it’s a great place to go and catch up with friends.


Second Cup may be new, but it has already left its mark on us in the Capital Properties office, as well as Cardiff in general. Honestly, this coffee shop has everything going for it: great food and drink, a fantastic environment, a convenient location and reasonable prices. If you’ve yet to visit Second Cup, why not treat yourself and a friend and make the trip?

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