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Student societies: the weird and wacky

alarm clockThe great thing about student societies is that they give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who share similar hobbies and interests as you; societies are a great way to make new friends. However, not all societies are going to relate to an interest you currently have, in fact, some of them seem are so wacky or unusual that you have to join just to find out what they're all about. Here are some of the strangest societies that you can join in UK universities.

Harry Potter & Quidditch Society – Cardiff University

While there’s nothing particularly strange about having a society dedicated to Harry Potter, it seems a bit excessive that Cardiff University has two societies dedicated to the franchise.

The Harry Potter Society offers weekly socials where you can learn the rules of pub Quidditch, and find out how much you really know about the Harry Potter series through quizzes. They also plan Tri-Wizard Tournaments and Yule Balls, and while we can only guess the logistics of these activities, they definitely sound fun.

Quidditch has become an increasingly popular sport on university campuses in recent years, and most universities now have their own Quidditch teams. The Cardiff University society promises that it isn’t necessary to enjoy the Harry Potter series to enjoy Quidditch, and the rules are easy to learn. It sounds perfect for people who aren’t interested in traditional sports.

Twenty Minute Society – Newcastle University

How quickly can you get ready to take part in a mystery event? That doesn’t matter, because you’ve only got twenty minutes!

The premise behind the 20 Minute Society is that you will receive a text every few weeks with details about a mystery event, the twist is that you will only receive the text twenty minutes before the event starts!

This sounds like a great society for people who love being spontaneous, and what’s more, they also organise an annual mystery holiday where people don’t find out the destination until they arrive at the airport!

Assassins’ Society – Durham University

You mission, if you choose to accept it, is to assassinate the target given to you, before you are assassinated by a mystery person hunting you. Of course, you won’t actually be killing your target, more touching them with a toy weapon.

vikingWhile Assassins’ Societies are available to join in a large number of UK universities, Durham University has one of the largest and most active societies, organising long games each term, as well as regular shorter games. Do you have what it takes to become an assassin?

Viking society – University of Plymouth

Have you ever wanted to be a Viking? Now you can thanks to the Viking Society at the University of Plymouth.

This society sets out to introduce people to the history and culture of Vikings by arranging activities like learning how to create Viking age clothing and equipment. There are also lessons in how to fight like a Viking, so you can really get invested in the culture.

Tiddlywinks Club – University of Cambridge

This club involves meeting up to play tiddlywinks, and really that’s it. This is a bizarre society because we didn’t believe anyone actually played tiddlywinks, but obviously we were very, very wrong.

Jailbreak Society – Warwick University

HitchhikerHow far could you travel in 36 hours with no money? That’s the question posed by Warwick University’s Jailbreak Society. Teams of 2-4 people have to get as far away from the university campus without spending a penny, this has led to people sweet-talking their way to Spain, Poland and even New York.

The society also organises the same event in reverse, where teams of 2-4 are dropped off in an unknown location in the UK and have 36 hours to find their way back to the campus – this is definitely a society for the adventurous.

What are the weirdest societies that you’ve joined/heard about? We’d love to hear about them, either on Facebook or Twitter.

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