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New media campus coming to Cardiff

Roald Dahl PlasIt feels like rarely a week goes by without some news of developers seeking permission to build a new development or building. This week is no different, as it has been announced that a new university campus dedicated to media studies will begin construction in the city next year! This is evidence of the Welsh capital being a city on the grow, and we love how amazing the 'Diff is becoming!

Cardiff – the media city

Cardiff Metropolitan University has recently announced that it has begun a joint venture with Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong-based broadcasting company. This is the first time that a UK university and a private sector company have planned to create a new university campus together.

Unsurprisingly, for a city that prides itself on its creative industries presence (in both industry and academia) the new campus, which is set to welcome 2,000 new students to the Welsh capital will be used for media and communication courses, with the possibility to also offer Mandarin lessons to help students who want to seek a media career in Asia.

Not only will the introduction of this campus boost Cardiff’s thriving media industry, it will also provide the city with an economic boost, and create jobs in construction, teaching and support roles.

The campus would offer students the opportunity to have experience in a working TV studio (which would be built on-campus), and would be trained in news anchoring and presenting.

Phoenix TV

Phoenix operates six TV channels ranging from news to entertainment and is now looking for further investment opportunities abroad. Though current plans begin and end with the new media campus, Phoenix is also considering the potential of creating a business park in Cardiff aiming to attract Chinese companies.

The company’s business plans don’t end with introducing a new Chinese market to the Welsh capital, as they may also help Cardiff Council achieve its goal of creating a new indoor arena for exhibits and conferences.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Chinese company, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Cardiff Council was signed at the start of February this year, with an understanding that work would begin on a 160,000 sq. ft. campus in 2017, and would take roughly 2 years to complete.

Extra student accommodation

While there has been recent news of Cardiff student accommodation being built, there is potential that more student lodgings would be created on this new campus.

Phoenix would finance both the campus and accommodation with Cardiff Metropolitan University before entering into a long-term rental agreement.

Where to?

Cardiff Met and Phoenix TV are now seeking a suitable location on which to develop the campus. Possibilities include Central Square which is being developed as part of the Capital Quarter scheme, or the five-acre site at Callaghan Square. The campus may also end up being built in Cardiff Bay as part of the Porth Teigr rejuvenation scheme where it will be in close proximity to BBC studios and the ITV news room.

What are your thoughts on the new campus being built? If you’re a current student at one of Cardiff’s fantastic universities and are looking for accommodation, get in touch by email, by phone on 029 2022 7080, or by popping into our office in Cathays.

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