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Cardiff Area Guide: Adamsdown

Adamsdown signAdamsdown is a small suburb to the east of Cardiff City Centre, north of Splott, and south of Roath and Plasnewydd. This is a primarily residential district, with fewer local amenities compared to Roath or the city centre, however, it is in close proximity to both, so residents of Adamsdown are not neglected.


During the medieval era, what is now known as Adamsdown was located just outside of the walls of Cardiff, and apparently got its name from Adam Kyngot who was the gatekeeper to Cardiff Castle in 1331; up until the 1800’s the entire area was mainly farmland, with only two buildings.

Adamsdown was a relatively neglected area of Cardiff until 2008 when Cardiff Council began a regeneration scheme which involved increasing security and parking in the area.

Since then Adamsdown has become an increasingly attractive area for residents, which has been further spurred by developments in surrounding areas such as Roath and the city centre.

Things to do

If you are looking for a bustling social environment, you may find Adamsdown lacking a little. The area is more geared towards residents and families, and could be considered quite dull for students. The residential character of the neighbourhood means that there is a wide range of shared accommodation to choose from for you and your housemates. However, Adamsdown is close enough to the city centre that students will be able to take advantage of all that the area has to offer, though they should be considerate of the locals and neighbours, ensuring that they don’t make too much noise when returning home.

Adamsdown, image courtesy of Jaggery via Geograph

Where to shop

Adamsdown is a stone’s throw away from everything you may want when it comes to shopping. To the east you have the city centre, and all it has to offer, and to the north you have Roath and in particular City Road, which has plenty of shops and other facilities. If that wasn’t enough, Adamsdown is also extremely close to Newport Road and the retail park there! That means within close range there is a large Sainsbury’s, TGI Friday’s, Dunelm Mill and more.

If you don’t fancy making the short journey to any of those places, Adamsdown also homes Clifton Street, which is a small road which features shops such as Tesco Express so you can easily pick up the essentials you need.

Transport links

While most major Cardiff areas are within walking distance of Adamsdown, sometimes walking isn’t an option, or you need to go further afield, in which case you need to live in a neighbourhood with brilliant transport links, such as Adamsdown.

The nearest train station to Adamsdown is Queen Street station, which is roughly a 5-15-minute walk. This station offers transport north of Cardiff (in particular Cathays if you’re going to uni there), to Cardiff Bay, or to Cardiff Central, which can then take you across the country.

There are also several bus routes running along Newport Road, which go from the City Centre to different areas across Cardiff. Bus 30 goes along Newport Road to Newport (so you have quicker access to the retail park), the 49 and 50 go to Llanrumney, and the 44 and 45 go to St Mellons.

Whether or not Adamsdown is the area for you depends on a number of factors outlined above. There are plenty of amenities, but with no real nightlife to speak of, it may not suit every student, and is perhaps better suited for couples and young professionals. However, if the quiet appeals to you, and you don’t mind not being able to roll into university, then Adamsdown could be the perfect place for you! For more information about any of our properties, contact us or pop into our office in Cathays.

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