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Cardiff Coffee Shops Guide: Soho Coffee Co.

Soho Coffee CoThis week's Coffee Shop Guide will focus on Soho Coffee Co. in the Capitol Shopping Centre.

Soho Coffee Co. prides itself on being part of the Fairtrade scheme, which ensures their coffee isn't coming at the disadvantage of developing nations. Their beans are 100% organic, and are locally roasted in the Forest of Dean. The care they show for their beans shows in the coffee's taste, but how does Soho Coffee Co. fare overall?


Soho Coffee Co. is located in the Capitol Shopping Centre, so it’s not very easy to pop in quickly if you live in Cathays or Roath, or if you have lectures on the main Cardiff University campus. However, if you’re a student at the Atrium, or if you have lectures in the Cardiff School of Engineering, or the Physics and Astronomy building then it’s much easier to make a quick visit.

Being in the centre of Cardiff, Soho Coffee is easy to access if you go to the city centre on the weekend on a shopping spree or to meet up with friends.


We were extremely happy with the lattes we had, which were delicious and had just right level of sweetness and frothiness.

As far as variety goes, you can do much worse than Soho Coffee. They had a wide range of flavoured lattes, various coffees and teas, as well as a selection of milkshakes which were particularly tempting.

Soho Coffee Co. is also taking advantage of the fact that there is a gym in the Capitol Shopping Centre too by offering protein drinks, so they definitely have all their bases covered!


There’s a wide range of food available at Soho Coffee, making it a brilliant breakfast and lunch hotspot – at least, it would be if it wasn’t relatively inaccessible to go to between lectures!

If you are able to make it before your morning lecture, there’s porridge and breakfast baps available, which are sure to keep you energised during the day. For lunch, the standard fare of sandwiches and wraps are available.

We weren’t particularly hungry when we went in to visit, but we did manage to make room for one of their tasty cakes. We had the salted caramel pecan brownie, which was as delicious as it sounds, but there was plenty on offer if that doesn’t take your fancy.


The cost of 2 lattes and a brownie was £7 which puts it roughly in the same price range as Hoffi Coffi, so you won’t be making any massive savings if you make the trek to the city centre. For what you get though, the prices are extremely reasonable.


One thing we couldn’t really wrap our head around was the atmosphere; Soho Coffee is more of a booth than a self-contained shop, which means that there are two walls which are just open to the rest of the shopping centre. This is fine if you enjoy people watching, but not particularly ideal for studying or having intimate conversations.

This may not be too much a problem for you, but this isn’t the coffee shop to go to if you want to get some peace and quiet to study.


Our experience of Soho Coffee Co. was extremely pleasant, with very tasty drinks and food to eat. It’s a great spot to go to if you’re in the city centre, but there are great coffee shops in Cathays and Roath which are closer if you live in those neighbourhoods. That said, Soho Coffee Co. is worth a visit if you want to try something new!

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