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A guide to picking the perfect housemate

Happy housematesThe second university semester is upon us, which means it will soon be time to think about your student accommodation for next year, if you haven't already done so. You may have already discussed with your new friends who you’re going to live with, and despite differing social lives and attitudes towards cleanliness, you know that there'll be no strife in your household, you’ll be the household that is the exception to the rule.

It’s important to have a long, hard think about who you’ll live with in the second year before you start house hunting, there are so many factors - which we’ll discuss below - which could have a hugely negative impact on your household bliss. Remember: best friends don’t necessarily make the best housemates!


It’s never a nice conversation to have, but it is crucial that you discuss a budget before deciding on a property you want to live in. You will be solely responsible for paying your own rent and bills, so it’s important that you find somewhere within your means. It would be unfair for you to have to pay for a housemate’s bills and vice versa.

If a potential flatmate enjoys having 2 baths a day, and wants the heating on from the beginning of September, are you going to be happy contributing equally to the cost of the water and heating, or are you happier having a quick two minute shower and wearing several jumpers? Lifestyle habits should also be discussed during the conversation about budgeting; it’s best to make your position known before you find yourself with a hefty utilities bill.

Never underestimate how important money will be as a discussion topic when it comes to choosing a housemate.


Are you more Monica from Friends or Oscar the Grouch? More importantly, can a Monica truly be happy living with an Oscar? These questions are important because having a Monica and an Oscar in the same household can lead to friction and occasionally childish behaviour such as passive aggressive notes.

You might think that leaving a plate or two on the side overnight won’t do any harm, but remember, you are living with a group of people thinking the exact same thing; suddenly things can spiral out of control.

Social life and noise

If you’d rather spend your evenings watching TV in your pyjamas before heading to bed at a decent hour, you may not want to live with someone who goes out every night, coming home at 4am making enough noise to wake the dead. Be sure that you move in with people whose social life won’t have a negative impact on you. 

Your degree

At some point you will ultimately need to do some work towards your degree, and when you do, you want to be in a clean, quiet and relaxed environment that won’t distract you from your vital studies. Say, it was close to exam season and the library is filled-to-the-brim, so you decide to head home to do some revision, are you able to revise in peace or are you constantly being distracted by your housemates? It’s important to surround yourself with people who share the same motivation and desire as you do to pass your degree – after all, isn’t that the reason you go to university in the first place?

Once you’ve decided on who you want to live with next year, you can go full-steam ahead searching for a property. At Capital Properties we have houses for small and large groups, in a variety of Cardiff locations including Cathays and Heath. You can visit our website to browse our properties, pop into our branch on Cathays Terrace or contact us for more information.

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