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Cardiff Coffee Shops Guide: Hoffi Coffi

Hoffi CoffiAfter a "short" hiatus, our coffee shop guide is back on tracks, and today we'll be looking at Hoffi Coffi.

Hoffi Coffi (which is Welsh for "like coffee") opened in October 2013, and has been a hotspot for students at Cardiff University ever since. But how does it stack up compared to other local coffee shops in Cardiff?


If you’re a student at Cardiff University, it is almost impossible for you not to know the location of Hoffi Coffi. Located on the corner of Column Road and Corbett Rd, Hoffi Coffi is the perfect location for students to grab a quick drink on their way to and from lectures. In such close proximity to the main university buildings, it’s easily accessible for all caffeine-deprived students.


All the standard coffee ranges are available, along with an impressive variety of teas if that’s more your cup of… well, exactly.

The coffee itself has plenty of taste without being too bitter, and is served piping hot, which is perfect now that the days are getting colder.


There is a good selection of food available, including various baguettes, crisps and cakes.

When we went, at about midday on a Monday, most of the baguettes were gone, so the place is clearly popular with hungry students.

A slight niggle we had was that the cakes were not labelled, which meant we had to ask the lady serving us to point out what each thing was (something she was more than happy to do we might add!).

We were starving from the lack of baguettes so we treated ourselves to lemon muffins and gingerbread cakes. The muffins were delicious, but the ginger cakes were a little bit gritty, not that it stopped us!


The prices at Hoffi Coffi were in the middle ground of not being as cheap as some coffee shops in Cardiff, while not being as costly as others. Our muffins, cakes and medium Americanos cost just over £6 per person, and we found the servings to be extremely generous. A very reasonable price.


The aesthetic of Hoffi Coffi is very quirky, fusing sleek and blends contemporary trends with a traditional surface.

You can either relax downstairs and people-watch or go upstairs where there’s more room for groups of people to study or chat. The coffee shop is usually quite quiet, with most people opting to take their drinks to go, so it’s the perfect spot to get some work done between lectures if you find the library too stifling.

There’s also an outdoor area, which might not get much usage right now is perfect for the summer months!


Hoffi Coffi is a perfect alternative for students who need to top up their energy but don’t want to contend with the price and business of Costa on Park Plaza. Hoffi Coffi offers plenty of variety in its food and drinks at a reasonable price – if you’ve walked passed it before and wondered what it’s like, it’s definitely worth popping in to give it a try!

How does Hoffi Coffi compare to Coffee #1 and Kappucinno’s? You’ll have to read our reviews to find out!

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