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Celebrate Halloween without frightening your bank account

Zombie costumeIt's almost Halloween, which means it's time to begin deciding what you’re going to dress up as. Of course, you could put in endless hours, and deplete your bank account, to craft the perfect costume, only for it be forgotten about after 20 minutes and never worn again, because you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same costume two years in a row!

To help you prepare for the frightful festivities, we’ve compiled a list of simple, inexpensive costumes which will definitely get you into the spooky spirit without breaking the bank. What makes these costumes even better is that you could easily fall into one of them 30 minutes before you need to leave, and still manage to wow your friends with how scary you look!

Balloons galore!

If you have a pack of balloons, then believe it or not, you have opened yourself up to a whole host of potential Halloween costumes. Cover yourself in purple or green balloons, and you’re instantly a bunch of grapes. Alternatively, you could surround yourself in a range of different coloured balloons, wrap those balloons in a layer of Clingfilm and suddenly you’re a delicious bag of jellybeans!

Pros: Easy to make (assuming you can blow up balloons) and extremely cheap.

Cons: Not very space savvy – you will knock something over, also, your costume is bound to at least partially pop during the night.

Rating: 2/10 – there’s nothing scary about nutrition.

Zombie version of anything

As a student, Halloween is unlikely to be the first time you’ve dressed up, so you’ve probably got a variety different fancy dress costumes already: be it a schoolkid, a policeman or a Roman emperor (thank you, cheap bedsheets). By adding white powder to your face, and a dash (or a lot) of fake blood, you can instantly turn yourself into a zombie version of a previous costume! That means not only are you saving money, you’re also recycling your old costume, which officially means that Halloween is good for the environment!

Pros: Easy way to make use of a previous fancy dress outfit.

Cons: Fake blood can be an absolute nightmare to wash off, you’ll probably wake up and notice it has stained your pillows.

Rating: 5/10 – At some point during the night you’re going to look less like zombie Elvis, and more like Elvis who got ketchup all over his face.


Sometimes, you want to instil fear into the heart of man, but you want to do that by wearing nothing more than a white sheet or a roll of toilet paper; thankfully that’s possible if you decide to dress as a mummy, ghost or a skeleton. To be a mummy, you just need to get a friend to run a roll of toilet paper around your body, and stick it down with some sticky tape, just to make sure you don’t unravel as the night wears on – you should also check that you aren’t using the last roll of toilet paper, or you’re sure to upset one or two of your housemates!  

To get the perfect ghost look, put a white sheet over your head, and cut out some eye holes (and a mouth hole too, to make talking and drinking easier) and well, that’s pretty much it.

Of course, if you want to achieve peak laziness, just draw a skull on your face and wear your normal clothes, and when people question your decision to dress up as a skeleton in clothes, just respond with: “Just because I’m dead, doesn’t mean I can’t have a continued interest in fashion!”

Pros: Everyone will be able to recognise what you’re supposed to be.

Cons: People will know how little effort you put into your costume, also good luck using the bathroom dressed as a mummy.

Rating: 6/10 – You’re definitely dressed as something scary, but you’re not winning any awards for costume design.

A cat

Draw some whiskers on your face, wear some cat ears, and you’re a cat.

Pros: This costume can be completed in about 10 seconds, and is unlikely to cost more than a pound.

Cons: Expect lots of people to describe your costume as boring, as though you weren’t already aware of that fact.

Rating: 8/10 – Your disdain for making an effort at Halloween is as equally frightening as a cat’s disdain for the average human being.

Spooky Christmas

It’s October, so of course you’re going to find a selection of Christmas items in supermarkets everywhere, all you have to do is get a Santa beard and hat, and add some fake blood – ta-da, spooky Christmas! Sometimes it’s almost too easy!

Pros: You’re unlikely to see many other skeletal Santa Claus during your night out.

Cons: Do you really want to be a walking reminder that there are only two months left of 2015?

Rating: 10/10 – Really, how is it possible that you were able to get your hands on a host of Christmas paraphernalia in mid-October? That is truly terrifying!

Whatever you do this Halloween, at Capital Properties we hope you have a spooky time! We’d love to see your costumes, so share them with us, either on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Happy Halloween!

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