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Sail into the summer holidays with... a hangover

You’ve faced the dreaded battle of third term and have almost conquered it; you’ve submitted your essays and have survived the stress of exam season, but have you thrown a party to remember? Soon everyone will be fleeing home for a summer of travelling, chilling, working and partying. The end of third term is a time for laughter and unfortunately a time for tears, so make sure that you and your friends have the best summer send-off ever! Here’s how to do it:

Fancy dressChoose a theme

Themed parties can be fantastic since they encourage people to put extra effort into having a darn good time. First choose a theme (this is the most difficult part), it could be as ridiculous as an English breakfast, as colourful as a Rubik’s Cube or as wild as a safari. Be as creative and eccentric as you please. Why not be seasonal and try a summery theme like: rainforest, festival, beach, tropical countries or hippie? And no matter what the theme is, someone is guaranteed to turn up as a cat – it’s a given. Shop for costumes with your friends because it can be just as much fun as the event itself, plus it will reassure you that you’re not going to be the one looking daftest!

Plan ahead

Make sure you pick a date when all of your friends have finished their exams. You don’t want to give anyone ‘fear of missing out’ whilst they’re locked in their room studying and hearing their drunken housemates sing their hearts out to Taylor Swift (or whoever is actually on your playlist!). Use social networking sites and apps to schedule your event, this will ensure that you don’t accidentally miss anyone out. 

The after party

Find an event that you’re all dying to attend, whether it’s your usual club night or a nightclub you’ve never dared venture in. Get your tickets nice and early to avoid disappointment and there you have it, a venue for when you’re all nicely sloshed!

Party food

Be the hostess with the mostess

It might be the last party you have together ‘til September, so make it big! Be extra attentive by providing food and beverages. Keep it quirky and fun by staying in theme, for example make fishbowl cocktails, punch or pina coladas for a tropical themed night, or beers and barbecues for a festival theme.

Don’t forget your camera!

You’re going to witness a mixture of emotions and the night is guaranteed to be full of drama, so do yourself a favour and catch it all on camera, you’ll be able to embarrass your friends for a long time afterwards! Photographs will really make it a night to remember, plus you will be able to look back and think about how ridiculous you all looked in your fancy dress outfits.

Think of some really fun games

You’ve exhausted ‘ring of fire’ and ‘I have never’ throughout the year, so why not conjure up some new games? If you’re lost for inspiration find a board game, add alcohol and magic! You’ve got a winner. 


Get decorating

OK, we have established the importance of the theme, but now it’s time to really pull it out of the bag. Decorate your house to really emphasise that it’s a special night. Remember not to use anything permanent or damaging since any reparations will come out of your deposit, so keep it cheap and find some fun, temporary items. If you have a decent sized garden why don’t you transform it? Invest in an affordable paddling pool, some inflatable palm trees and a miniature sand pit, you’ll have your very own beach party!

For those of you who are planning a super-duper end of year party, tweet your images to us @CapProp. Please remember to drink responsibly. We hope you have a fantastic summer and wish you all the best of luck with your grades. If you require any information on renting in Cardiff we’d love to hear from you!

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