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What's occurring this April?

Hooray, it's the Easter holidays! We've battled through the dreaded winter, and we are now onto a pleasant spring, one month closer to summer. Most of you have submitted your essays for the March deadlines and you finally have a few weeks of freedom - sort of - but what have you got planned? There are lots of fun things to see and do in Cardiff this April, and with so many things to choose from, we thought we’d help you narrow it down with our 8 favourites.

CygnetsHave a day out at Roath Park

Roath is home to one of Cardiff’s most beautiful parks, known for its history, its beautiful gardens, phenomenal trees and conservatory, and its large lake that attracts a diverse range of water birds. Get in touch with nature and visit the Botanic Gardens, or get active and play a game of tennis or bowls at Roath Pleasure Gardens. For a fun day out with your housemates hire a pedalo or a rowing boat at Roath Park Lake. If you’re really lucky you might catch sight a raft of ducklings or a bevy of cygnets during your paddles.

Sunset at a beach

Explore any one of our beautiful beaches

We’ve already told you in a previous blog where the best local beaches are, so as the weather warms up, splatter on the sun cream and make your way to our Welsh sandy shores. Assemble your amigos, take food and beverages and have the perfect day out. If you do decide to venture to one of our stunning Southern beaches tweet your pictures to us at @CapProp!

ChampagneGet your groove on!

Why not get your suits and gowns out and attend a spring ball this April? If you haven’t yet attended a university ball, particularly if you’re in your final year of studies, then it’s time to dig out your dancing shoes and dance ‘til dawn. It can be a great event for you and your friends, destined for one too many selfies, beverages, a delicious three course meal and of course dancing. The fortunate ones might even receive an award for progressing in their studies, or witness an awkward speech by a lecturer. Of course, if your ball isn’t until the summer, don’t worry, you will just have to save polishing your shoes for a later date!

SnowdoniaHave an adventure

Put your hiking boots on to explore the great Welsh peaks. Take a walk up the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire, the Black Mountain Range in the Brecon Beacons, or if you’re particularly brave and athletic hike Snowdonia in North Wales. Avoid taking part in any strenuous hikes if you’re ill prepared, or consult a doctor prior to your adventurous day out.

Castle view photo by Ben Salter on FlickrDiscover the history of Cardiff Castle

If you haven’t already, then it’s time to learn something interesting about the history of Cardiff. Head down to Cardiff Castle to explore the beautiful ancient grounds, with a story that stretches across 2,000 years, and see why we have been so interested in preserving the remains. The Castle has oodles of things to see and do, so beat the crowds this April and get in the medieval spirit. Remember to come with a proof of address, as Cardiff residents get free entry to the castle if they apply for the Castle key – it costs £5 for 3 years, a bargain!

Somerset ciderCelebrate St George’s Day – even if you’re not English!

Ok, so nothing will beat the excitement of this year’s St David’s Day, as the city flooded with a parade of Welsh ladies, daffodil hats and leak costumes. Nevertheless, why not embrace the event on the 23rd of April and celebrate St George’s Day in style. There are heaps of unmissable events, so fashion up a rose outfit, dig out an English flag and chill out with some fine Somerset cider. Not that you need another reason to celebrate, but have a drink to commemorate the birth of William Shakespeare.

BBQLet there be… meat!

Calling all meat eaters, it looks like barbecued meat is back on the menu! On the 30th of April the Hang Fire Smokehouse, the famous mouth-watering pop-up, will return to Cardiff, and this month’s theme is Bayou BBQ. Brewdog will host the event, so expect exceptional beer coupled with your juicy meat feast. The founders, two young BBQ devotees, have a scrumptious menu inspired by the United States. Look forward to pulled pork, juicy ribs, chicken, brisket, coleslaw, pickles, mashed corn and chunky chips.

RapidIt’s time to get wet

If you like water and love sports, then combine the two this April for a fun day out with your friends. April marks the perfect month to take part in water sports since the weather is warm and the sports are off-peak, thus ensuring that you will have little or no restrictions when booking and planning your activities. Have fun with white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing, paddle boarding or air trailing, all in Cardiff Bay, or if you’re willing to travel the extra mile, then gather up your adrenaline-junky friends and surf or body board the waves of Rest Bay.

Have you got anything planned this April? We’d love to hear about your days out, so share your activities with us on our Facebook and Google+ pages, or tweet us at @CapProp.

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