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Living in Cathays is just AWESOME

Jelly babies are the bestRejoice! You live in Cathays, one of the best places to be a student in the UK! OK, we admit, we made that up. But just look around you… The area is an AWESOME student hub. Whether you have been a local for 3 years or 3 weeks, you have to appreciate Cathays in all its glory, and to do so, you need to be clued up on the do’s and don'ts of living here! Luckily for you, the Capital Properties team has put together a few pointers for you to make the most of this epic location. As a way of thanking us for sharing these nuggets of knowledge, share your #WeLoveCathays pics on Twitter and Facebook and don’t forget to tag us in!

Let the sharing begin!

Get smart

When we tell you to get smart, we are not referring to your knowledgeable attributes! It’s important to get savvy with your time for instance; you need to avoid wasting it standing around queuing, in order to start using it how you actually want to! Still baffled? Four words – Lidl on a Monday. We are clearly not the only ones that try to get some shopping done on a Monday; you do it, hate it, forget that you've done it and return a few weeks later then BAM you’re stuck in the crazy Monday queue once again. Lidl is the best; quite frankly you cannot beat their Malbec red wine or gluten-free section but it is a shame to waste so much time waiting at the till when you go shopping on Mondays. Did you know that on Sundays, many of the supermarkets go on a ‘best before’ mission, putting loads of goodies into the reduced section? Yes, you definitely need to be alert to do this, and since as a student your week isn't really Monday-Friday, you can say goodbye to the back-to-school mentality and look forward to a far nicer way to spend your Mondays!

Go local

Love local coffeeCathays is amazing when it comes to local suppliers for anything and everything. Even if you are addicted to Starbucks, we promise, there are some splendid alternatives. Seeing as Capital Properties are super close to one of the best sweet treat cafés in the area, it’s only fair that we share our muffin joy with you. If you’re already on our wavelength from the muffin mention, how much do you love them? Which is your favourite? For those who aren’t aware of this little gem, it's ok, we forgive you! Enough babbling… Get yourselves to Kappuccino’s for some seriously tasty lunch options. We’re not ashamed to say that we are loyal fans and can be found in the coffee shop’s vicinity on a weekday afternoon picking up our fix of lemon muffins because they are worth every single calorie.

Do your bit

Bin day is not fun, we are fully aware of this! However, it’s worth keeping bin day in mind to ensure you’re up to speed on refuse collection regulations. This will help you avoid hefty fines and arguments with your neighbours, which is why we felt it was necessary to give you a quick reminder that bin day in Cathays is Wednesday – you either need to be up before 6am to put your rubbish out…or it needs to be out on Tuesday after 4:30pm. Why are we telling you this? So that you don’t waste any time searching for bin collection dates!

Anything but the car

Following the good work of your bin duties, think about your carbon footprint… Do you really need a car in a city where you can walk pretty much everywhere? We do understand that a car may be necessary to visit your family if they're not in the area, so if you have one just make sure you get yourself a resident’s permit if there isn’t parking at your place. While moving around Cardiff though, walking or cycling allows you to save on fuel and parking – and there are some great cycle repair shops in Cathays if you need any! Plus if you’re walking or getting public transport, you can quench your thirst with a well-deserved pit stop anywhere you like! *The cocktails at Milgi are ah-ma-zing*. Talking about all this walking and drinking, is anyone else peckish? There’s only one thing for it… The Balti Cuisine – you are very privileged for us to give away our secrets but this one is far too good to keep to ourselves. The team are lovely and the food is just sensational.

Hopefully that’s a decent amount of useful facts to tell you about Cathays! We’re always happy to chat to you, especially if you’re looking to rent or find student accommodation in the area, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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