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A students' guide to making your mum feel special on Mother's Day

DIY Mother's Day gift ideasIt's Mother's Day this Sunday... did you forget? You have three days to pull something extraordinary out of the bag, and because she's been so supportive this year (just like every year), you want to make it extra special; no pressure. We understand that it's the time of year when you're running low on funds and you're bogged down with university work, so we've got some great, cheap and simple DIY gift ideas that your mama will love. It's time to say a big thank you to your mum for being the wonder-woman that she is, and here’s how…

A delicious temptation

How do you say thank you for being the best mum in the whole wide world? With food of course! So why not take some time out of your day to make something scrumptious? Here are our quick and easy gift ideas for the foodie mums:

  • Truffles: these tasty treats are so simple and cost efficient that you might want to double the batch for you and your housemates to devour! Make your truffles look and taste irresistible by covering them with crushed nuts or biscuit, coconut shavings, melted chocolate or cocoa powder. With the additional time that you would have spent shopping, why not make a box to pop these chocolaty wonders inside?
  • Preserves: make your mum a delicious jam, chutney, marmalade or pickle, or even go the extra mile and prepare a batch of lemon curd or peanut butter. The packaging will make all the difference, therefore store your mouth-watering preserves in a traditional jam jar, decorate the lid with a beautiful piece of fabric and use an elastic band to hold it - this will add a pretty and personal touch.
  • Breakfast in bed: you've not had breakfast in bed for a very long time, since your mum last made it in fact, so why not repay the favour and kick start Mother’s Day morning with a dabble of cooking? It doesn't have to be too time-consuming either! You can be as simple or daring as you please, from granola to a fry-up or from pancakes to pastries, and serve your chosen breakfast with handpicked flowers, juice and coffee to add a special touch.

Get Personal

Photographs, drawings and DIY homeware can make exceptional gifts, since it allows you to get extra personal. So blow purchased gifts out of the water, and make something extraordinary:

  • A personal photo in a frame: trust us on this one, although it may seem too simple to be special, your mum will adore it and later you’ll hear her bragging to her friends about how thoughtful you are. Big tick!
  • A fun photo bookmark: to put a smile on her face, use the most amusing photographs of your family members, and you’ll have her in fits of laughter every time she opens her book.
  • Decorate homeware using photographs: there are no limits, you can cover just about anything in photographs and it will look great. Try putting some of your favourite family photographs on the outside of a glass candle holder for instance.
  • Sharpie mugs: if you have an artsy flare, why not draw something special on a mug, even a basic design can look superb!
  • Glitz-up wine glasses: all you need are glasses, glitter and glue, and together they make a gorgeously glamorous gift that can rival Cinderella’s shoe with its ability to shine.

A Crafty card

Creating your own Mother’s Day card is not only a great way to save money, but it allows you to be more personal, since you can add photographs, drawings, souvenirs and mementoes. Best of all, it’s so easy to make your card look professional, and once you’ve bought your cheap craft kit, you won’t have to buy a card for years.

We hope that our DIY Mother’s Day guide was helpful. Now we’d love to know what your ideas are for Mother’s Day, so share your photographs, creations and outings with us on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages.

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