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Capital Student Life

Cardiff's 7 best burger hotspots

National Burger Day is on its way! If you're anything like us here at Capital Properties, you already knew that; we've had the 27th of August marked in our calendar since the beginning of the year, because you cannot beat a good burger! Whether you're a Cardiff local or a new ... 

Pack smart this summer

Picture the scene: you've spent the past few months planning the perfect holiday, to a destination you've always wanted to visit, where you'll be doing the activity you've always wanted to do; everything is organised and set to be perfect, and then you realise you have no idea what to pack ... 

Be saver savvy

Hands up if you're having a mild panic about where the next couple of months' money are coming from? Hands up if your student loan was spent in the first week of receiving it? Hands up if you want to manage your money better but are useless at trying?! You're in ... 

Picnic parties all summer long

It's time to celebrate! Why, you ask? Because it's summer! Well technically it's not until 21st June but realistically, the best sunshine is generally in May/June and then we'll have our big knitwear jumpers out by August/September again. So what are you waiting for? Get your summer kick-started and make the ... 

Cardiff is going pop-up crazy

Cardiff is becoming the city for fantastic food and drink, with dozens of quirky eateries, bars and cafés that are popping up all over the place. Cardiff residents and visitors are spoilt for choice, and the new independent eateries and pop-ups just keep on coming. The choices can feel almost overwhelming, ... 

What's occurring this April?

Hooray, it's the Easter holidays! We've battled through the dreaded winter, and we are now onto a pleasant spring, one month closer to summer. Most of you have submitted your essays for the March deadlines and you finally have a few weeks of freedom - sort of - but what have ... 

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