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New 20mph speed limit for Cathays and Plasnewydd

Cardiff's new 20mph speed limitOn March 31st 2014, Cardiff Council introduced a new 20mph speed limit across the Cathays and Plasnewydd districts of Cardiff. The goal is to reduce the number of accidents on the roads of the Welsh capital and encourage people to use ‘healthier’ modes of transport such as buses, cycling and walking.

Back in July and August 2013 a public consultation was held and it was found that the majority of residents in these areas favoured the introduction of the new speed limits, with 65% of residents saying that they would feel safer living on streets with 20mph speed limits. Furthermore, 80% of the 1,000 people surveyed in a recent study by Brake and Allianz Insurance said that 20mph speed limits in built up areas should be the norm.

Why have speed limits been changed in Cathays and Plasnewydd?

If the two-year-scheme proves successful at reducing the number of road accidents, the Council hope to implement the scheme throughout the other areas of Cardiff. Cathays in particular was chosen as one of the pilot districts due to its strong student population, as many students in Cardiff live in Cathays and either attend university or commute through the area by walking or cycling. By reducing speed limits, the Council hopes the number of people and especially students involved in road accidents will drop significantly.

Will the changes to speed limits really help?

Many residents and cyclists believe the changes will help reduce the number of accidents and enable children to move more freely around Cathays and Plasnewydd. However, some Cardiff residents have criticised the scheme, the biggest complaint being the issue of enforcing the speed limits. Indeed, many residents complain that the 30mph speed limit was rarely enforced and because the council has no plans to introduce speed cameras or any other traffic calming measures, the new 20mph speed limits also is likely to suffer the same fate. Others argue that 30mph speed limits have been proven to be safe so the 20mph speed limits are simply unnecessary.

Whether you agree with the new speed limits or not, the scheme is now in force and the police have the power to enforce the speed limits with tickets and penalties, so if you’re a student with a car living in Cathays or Plasnewydd please be aware of the new speed limits and remain vigilant for children, cyclists and pedestrians.

If you have a view on the scheme we would love to hear your thoughts, you can share them with us at Capital Properties via our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter pages and remember that we have hundreds of properties available in Cathays, so if you’re a student looking for next year’s accommodation give us a call on 02920 227080 or email

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