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Gothic mansion in Cardiff set to reopen in 2015

Insole Court, Llandaff - - 1258054

A Grade II listed Gothic mansion in Cardiff which has been partially closed for over 30 years is set to fully reopen in 2015 after fears about redevelopment funding were quashed by a £4 million pledge from local and national foundations.

Insole Court, situated on Fairwater Road in Llandaff, was built by colliery owner James Harvey Insole in 1856 and was acquired by Cardiff Council in 1938. Before Cardiff Council acquired the building, it housed three generations of the Harvey family. Now it is mostly being used as a venue for conferences, tutoring classes and weddings.

Funding the renovation of Insole Court

Many areas of the building have remained closed for over 30 years, and even after numerous renovations it was feared that the building would fall into ruin if the money required for full renovation couldn’t be found.

Thankfully, the Insole Court Trust (the organisation set up in 2011 to deal with restoration plans) has received £4 million worth of funding from local and national foundations such as the Big Lottery Fund, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Welsh Government and various other sources. This funding pledge means that the Insole Court Trust can obtain the building from Cardiff Council and that the Trust only requires an additional £500,000 before restoration can begin, a target they say is achievable in time for the building to  be fully restored and opened in August 2015.

The Chairman of the Insole Court Trust, Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards, has suggested that the Trust could raise the additional money by appealing for capital grants from various trusts and foundations while asking residents of Llandaff to donate £10 a month for two years.

Speaking about the plans, Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards said:

“The council is terribly short of cash. It’s an enormous building and parts of it have become derelict. By getting this capital money we hope to restore the house. From a heritage point of view it will tell what life was like in the Victorian times. We are on track to open in August next year. All sorts of bumps may come along, that is inevitable. We are determined to make a success of it”.

Maintaining Cardiff’s heritage is vitally important, therefore the news that Insole Court will receive the attention and care it fully deserves is most welcome. Insole Court is Llandaff’s most important secular building and it would have been a shame to see it crumble down or demolished. While Cardiff is a modern city, links to its history are still prominent across the capital through many historic buildings such as Cardiff Castle, obviously, but also Llandaff Cathedral and Cardiff’s Old Library. These treasured buildings make Cardiff a popular city for a range of visitors and residents, from international tourists to students. If you’re a student looking for accommodation in Cardiff, contact Capital Properties today, we can help find you the accommodation you desire to stay in our lovely city.

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