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Like cycling? Love Cyclopaedia

Cyclopaedia, Cathays, credit: Marion HirtzigAt Capital Properties we value our community. If you rent a property in Cathays and don't know the area yet, let us help you discover the gems we have in the Cathays area. Today we'd like to talk about Cyclopaedia, a charming bike shop.
became cyclists' Valentines when it opened on 14th February 1994. Co-owners Stuart and Ian have since then taken on board Steve, Craig and Darren to offer Cathays cyclists, from commuters to professionals, a warm welcome, friendly advice and great service for all things bike related.

Entering the world of Cyclopaedia

Located on busy Crwys road, Cyclopaedia is sandwiched between a bakery and a news agent, close to a school, a few food shops and charity shops. You can find pretty much everything you need on Crwys Road!
When you enter the bike shop, you get that local shop feeling; you know you’re in a unique place and not a chain store. And you can’t miss the fact that you’re in a bicycle shop, with all different kinds of bikes hanging from the ceiling, and accessories on the walls. No room lost!

Services offered by Cyclopaedia

Finding the right bike for your needs

Cyclopaedia can cater for almost all your needs (they actually can’t think of anything they don’t do, but you never know!) and if you’re looking for a bike, they have pretty much everything, from push along bikes for kids to road racing and mountain bikes. The five chaps in the shop all ride and race, and you know that cycling and bicycles are their passion when you hear them talk about what they do.


Maintenance and repair

If you’re not too sure about how to fix your bike and do some basic maintenance yourself, you can just ask them and they will try to gather a small group of participants for a free maintenance class. They also do for a very reasonable price for puncture repairs on the spot, they can change your chain when it’s starting to be worn, and they can do any type of maintenance and repair on your bike. If your bike needs a lot of work to repair, they have a ticket system that allows them to tell you exactly when your bike will be fixed. On busy summer days repairs can take a maximum of two days. Most of the time you can just drop your bike in the morning and get it back after class if you’re a student or after work.

Cyclopaedia: 2012 Paralympic Games mechanics and Luke Rowe’s favourite shop

The Cathays cycle shop has more than a friendly atmosphere to offer, it has experienced mechanics trusted by the Welsh Cycling Team and the GB Paralympic Team for their repairs. Luke Rowe from Team Sky is also a regular and comes every so often to do repairs on his bike at the back of the shop. Ian even went to London last year to be a mechanic in the Paralympic team.
Trustworthy, qualified and friendly, what’s not to like about the Cyclopaedia team?

Useful information

The shop is open 6 days a week, 8.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri and Saturdays from 9am to 5.30pm, and the address is 116 Crwys Road. If you come from our letting agency on Cathays Terrace, walk up to Crwys Road and turn right, it’s just a 5-10 minutes’ walk. If you’re looking for a bike, want some accessories (advice included), or need to get your bike repaired, come to Cathays and we’re pretty sure you’ll become a regular customer with Cyclopaedia (which also offer regular customers discounts). You don’t have to trust us on this, just visit the shop and you’ll be charmed!

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