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Keep your car safe this academic year

Protect your student care

It's that time of year again, Cardiff will once again become a flourish of students, from freshers to post-graduates. Many will also come to university in a car, meaning vehicles will need to be left in car parks or on the road outside student accommodation. While Cardiff is a very safe and secure place for students to study, crime does occasionally happen, so we've put together some top tips to keep your car secure during the upcoming academic year.

Buy a car steering wheel lock

They may look silly and you may get some banter from your mates, but a steering wheel lock is essential. It’ll help restrict the removal of a steering wheel or airbag and it also stops criminals being able to drive off in your car should they manage to get in. They are a very useful deterrent and can be picked up fair cheaply across many retailers.

Make sure you’re alarm is working

Most cars have alarms, so it’s probably a good idea to make sure it’s working. The alarm may not stop people breaking into your car but it’ll certainly draw attention to criminals. Probably the one thing they want the least!

Park your car in a safe environment

It may sound obvious, but where you park your car has an influence on your car’s safety. If your property has a driveway – park your car there and not on the road. It’s not just criminals that operate along a road. You don’t want your car involved in an accident do you? If you have to park it on the road, try and park it in a well-lit area (preferably under a street light) and make sure you have the authorisation to park there, otherwise you’ll receive a fine or worse your car could be towed. If you car’s wing mirrors and aerials can be folded down, make sure they are, as this will help reduce the chance of damage to your car.

Don’t leave valuables inside your car

Again, this is pretty obvious. Your mobile phone is safer in your student accommodation than the mobile phone holder in your car. If a criminal can’t see anything valuable in your car, they are less likely to target it. If you have a portable Sat Nav then be sure to take it with you when you leave the car. If it’s the type that sticks to the windscreen always clean the tell-tale marks from the windscreen after removal as criminals will often break car windows just to check the glove box for a Sat Nav.

Keep your car neat and tidy

Attracting the attention of a criminal is the last thing you’ll want your car to do. So make sure you keep it clean and tidy. A car’s upholstery is pretty standard and most criminals won’t be interested in what might be hiding in the car if they can only see the car’s basic equipment. If you’ve got stuff everywhere a criminal may want to discover more!

Be aware of the new 20mph speed limit around Cathays

Recently, Cardiff Council announced plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit across the Cathays and Roath areas. Two areas that are bursting with students during the academic year.

The 20mph speed limit will be enforced by introducing new signs, speed bumps and zebra crossings and will not feature any speed cameras, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be police officers around enforcing the law!

The new speed limit is due to come into force from late spring to early summer next year, so you’ve got plenty of time to prepare. For new students unfamiliar with Cardiff, this will just be another piece of information, but for students who have studied in Cardiff and lived in Cathays or Roath for years, this may take some time to get used to.

The roads that will see the new 20mph speed limit haven’t been announced yet, but it has been revealed that the busy and ever popular City Road will be one of the first! City Road is one of the busiest streets in Cardiff and features a wide range of bars, takeaways and other small businesses that are popular with students.

Should the new 20mph speed limit be successful in reducing the number of road traffic accidents, Cardiff Council are also planning to implement it across Cardiff.

Here at Capital Properties, we specialise in helping students find the best possible student accommodation across Cardiff. If you’re looking for your ideal student property, please check out our property list. If you would like any more information you can contact us on the website or through our Twitter,Facebook and Google+ pages.

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