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Student accommodation continues to improve

Luxury flats in Cardiff Bay

When people think about student accommodation, many see cold, damp, mouldy and unloved properties that have been poorly maintained due to years of partying and general student lifestyles. However, today this image couldn’t be further from the truth.

It has been revealed recently that new, smart, ‘luxury’ flats are becoming more prominent across Wales’ biggest cities, including Cardiff. These flats used to be the properties of trendy professionals, but because of the rising property prices and scarcity of land to build on they are now the biggest change in both the general and student property markets.

The new apartments house many young professionals and are considered the defining image of 21st century Wales, like terraced houses were during the 19 th century. In Cardiff, these flats are particularly prominent in the Cardiff Bay area, which has seen a significant number of these apartments arrive over the last 5 years. Cardiff Bay has seen a large number of these high quality flats because it is property market the Welsh Government continues to pursue.

It has also been revealed that these flats are popular with first time buyers and people looking to buy-to-let. And it’s not just property owners and tenants who have fallen for them, the flats are popular with the government - they are much cheaper to build, compared to large housing estates and they are far more economical to run. This is because the flats have fewer external walls, can share boilers and can help reduce a person’s reliance on a car should they live inside a city. All these can help reduce the occupant’s carbon footprint, something the government feels strongly about.

Neil Crumpton, from Friends of the Earth Cymru said:

“These modern apartments helped people live greener lives. They tend to beneficial for one’s total footprint, not just the carbon footprint. It should certainly be encouraged”.

Transforming the student lifestyle

While many students can’t afford to live in the Cardiff Bay flats when first arriving at in Cardiff, these new luxury apartments are being used as a template for many student halls across the capital. The standard of student halls has improved tenfold over the last century and many are fitted with amenities parents could only wish for when they were studying. These include en-suite bathrooms, double beds, huge 50 inch TVs in the communal areas and it’s not uncommon for students to receive leather sofas and satellite TV.

It’s not just the amenities which are higher quality when compared with the student accommodation of yesteryear. The benefits mentioned above are particularly useful for students who are cash strapped. The halls are cheaper to run and their locations mean students can easily walk to and from lectures.

Along with the economic and financial benefits of living in a new halls of residence. The flats are communal, meaning students will be living with other people, and these flats can help promote a sense of community. Helping students develop friendships with relative ease.

Once students leave halls, they typically move into a privately leased house with a couple of friends. There are a number of these ‘luxury’ apartments on the market, specifically deigned to house groups of students. They provide the luxury that many students wish for whilst being cheaper to run compared to a typical 5-6 bedroom house. What’s more, their features and typical central location means parents are happier knowing their child is safe and secure.

If you’re looking to rent or buy across Cardiff, get in contact, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to help. If you’re a student looking for accommodation in Cardiff next year check out our property list. Hopefully you’ll find something to suit your needs!

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