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Cardiff Coffee Shops Guide: Kappuccinos

Kappuccinos café Cardiff

Continuing our occasional series of reviews of cafes around Cardiff, next up is Kappuchino's on Cathays Terrace! How does it stack up?


It's opposite the Woodville Pub and next to Lidl, and just around the corner from Park Place. This makes it really handy for students coming and going from uni, especially from Humanities and the Music department.


The coffee is usually decent but nothing to write home about. If you’re a coffee snob, then somewhere like Shot in the Dark or Coffee #1 are better choices, but if you just want to grab a coffee to wake you up on the way to lectures, this is absolutely fine.


Kappuccino's does nice baguettes, with a good selection of generous fillings, along with the usual crisps, bottled drinks etc. Where they really shine are their cakes, especially the massive muffins! Nom nom nom…


It’s very reasonably priced, especially compared to, say, the new Costa on Park Place. You need to spend at least £5 to pay by card, so if you’re getting a meal deal, remember to visit the cash machine first.


Kappuccino’s feels like a pit-stop, not a destination. That’s by no means a bad thing – there’s a pleasant bustle to the place at lunchtimes, and it’s great for grabbing lunch or coffee with a mate, or stopping off between lectures.

But unlike some coffee houses, it’s probably not the kind of place where you’re going to hang out all day, checking Facebook doing some work and topping up on coffees as you go. It’s great for a quick bite or coffee rather than somewhere to linger.


Decent coffee and good food at a reasonable price, right on the doorstep of the university. There are places that offer a better coffee house experience, but for sheer convenience it’s hard to beat.

If you’re just after a good baguette and don’t want a coffee or place to sit down, we’d also recommend Baguettes and Bagels, on the corner of Miskin Street. It’s freshly baked baguettes are arguably just a cut above those at Kappuccino's, though your mileage may vary.

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