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Student tips: Surviving Freshers' Week in Cardiff

Cardiff Union Students' UnionSo Freshers' Week is here! If you're a new student at Cardiff University, Cardiff Met, RWCMD or the Atrium, then welcome! Freshers' Week is a great time to have fun, meet people and settle in to university before getting down to the hard work of study. But how can you make the most of it? Here are some top tips for Cardiff Freshers!

1. Talk to people

Talk to as many people as you can! Although there will be loads of people you meet during Freshers’ Week who you will never talk to again, there’s a good chance you will form friendships that will last throughout your time at university – maybe even for the rest of your life.

2. Try new things

Keep an open mind! There’s no better time than university to debate and form your opinions on religion and politics, or take up a new sport or hobby, or try new experiences. Go with the flow, sign up for some interesting societies, and talk to anyone and everyone.

3. Pace yourself

You don’t need to be go-go-go all the time, especially if you’re not naturally extroverted. You might want to slip in a quiet evening with your feet up in front of a film, to be fresh for another busy day of socialising and partying.

4. Set your own boundaries

Freshers’ Week has a reputation for sex, drugs and rock and roll. But you don’t have to go along with that if you don’t want to. Don’t feel pressured to impress people, or go along with the crowd. Make your own choices and set your own boundaries.

5. Explore the area

You’ll be spending the next three years in Cardiff, so get to know the place! The maps app on your smartphone is no match for actually hitting the streets, especially with a group of other freshers. Start discovering the local shops, cafes, pubs, theatres and many other things that Cardiff has to offer around Cathays, Roath and beyond. You might even start to get a feel for where you’ll want to live when it comes to looking for student accommodation for your second and third year.

6. Relax

Don’t feel under pressure to have the time of your life – freshers’ week will hopefully be fun, but you’ll enjoy it more without the pressure to enjoy it, if you see what I mean. But if you’re missing home and it all feels a bit much, don’t panic – there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the university experience. Remember, freshers’ week is just the beginning!

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