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Cardiff commuters "happiest" in UK

Cardiff commuters face more affordable fares and less overcrowding than commuters in other UK cities, according to a new report by the Campaign for Better Transport. Manchester commuters face the worst deal, with a combination of delays and higher fares relative to wages. London has much higher fares than the rest of the country, but came seventh for affordability due to higher average wages.

The average weekly wage in Cardiff is £383.30, with an average season ticket costing £1052.67, which works out as 2.75 weeks’ pay. 7.2% of Cardiff commuter trains are overcrowded, compared to a worst of 50.3% in London.

The cities in full from the happiest commuters down to the least happy are:

  1. Cardiff
  2. Newcastle
  3. Nottingham
  4. Birmingham
  5. Leeds
  6. Liverpool
  7. Leicester
  8. Sheffield
  9. Bristol
  10. London
  11. Manchester

As a city, Cardiff offers many of the advantages of urban life, including good transport links, with much more affordable living costs. Figures released in 2006 by the Royal Bank of Scotland found Cardiff to be the most cost-effective university for students, due to lower costs of living and the readiness of students to work. What you pay for monthly rent for Cardiff student accommodation you might easily pay per week in London. Many students stay on in Cardiff after graduating, and the city attracts many young professionals. However, the wider range of job prospects attracts many to larger, more expensive cities.

The Campaign for Better Transport is an independent charity that lobbies for better public transport, walking and cycling. The index has been published to draw attention to the government’s rail fares and ticketing review, and to encourage passengers to make their views known before the closing date on 28th June.

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