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Make money while you study

Man working in a coffee shopUniversity can be a costly experience, between the nights out, buying fancy dress costumes and having the time of your life, it can amount to a lot of money. Even if you aren't living the stereotypical student life; there's the cost of textbooks, food, rent, bills and other practicalities that are necessary for living a healthy and happy lifestyle. While it’s easy to cut costs to make life at university easier, there are also several ways to legally make money at university, that isn't just a summer job.

Today, here at Capital Properties, we’re going to look at some ways you can make money while at university.

Part-time job

If you consider yourself a member of time-management royalty, then you don’t have to be content with just a summer and/or Christmas job, in fact, you could try and find yourself a part-time or casual job that runs through term time. This has the benefits of providing you with a consistent pay check, so you don’t have to wait between student loan payments to feel flushed with cash, and a term time job will provide valuable work experience which can be more than useful when applying for a post-university job.

Part-time jobs can have their downside though: you may have to say goodbye to your evenings or weekends depending on the contracted hours, and you may have to stay in your university city during the summer and for a large part of the Christmas period. So, while part-time jobs are great, you have to be sure you can commit to the hours advertised, and that it won’t impact negatively on your university studies.

Sell unwanted items

How much junk do you have in your bedroom? A lot? How much of it do you actually need?

Now that it is coming up to moving day for students - 1st July being the typical day that students move into a new house - it is the perfect time for you to start decluttering your room of all the junk you have. By selling things you no longer need or want on eBay, or other entertainment websites, you’ll be able to make a nice little profit with very little effort. If you’ve got it, there’s a good chance someone else wants to buy it; you know what they say about another man’s rubbish.

Be a Brand Ambassador

Becoming a Brand Ambassador is like having a part-time job, but more flexible, and you’re essentially a walking billboard for a product. Becoming a Brand Ambassador usually lets you attend big student events and parties, and engage in the fun of student life.

If you’re looking to prove your credentials as a passionate person, nothing says that more than becoming an ambassador for a brand.


This is particularly useful for students who are considering a career in education after they graduate, but everyone can benefit from tutoring. No matter which city you visit, there are always parents who are seeking help for their children, whether it be for their GCSEs, A-Levels or just a general bit of extra assistance.

However, if you have a skill or talent like computer programming, or know how to speak a foreign language, then there’s bound to be other students, or other people across the city that would pay to learn from you.

Of course, while as a tutor you can set your own price, you will have a responsibility to be punctual to lessons, and you may be required to do your own taxes if you’re self-employed. You don’t want HMRC knocking on your door!

Become a Mystery Shopper

As the old adage goes: you have to spend money to make money, which is completely true for being a mystery shopper where you’re being paid to shop. You will be paid for your time, and also reimbursed for the items you were told to buy, which can be fantastic if you find a mystery shopping request for an item you desperately need.

While it isn’t as frequent a pay check as some of the above suggestions, becoming a Mystery Shopper is easy, and doesn’t require too much time or effort. On top of that, how many other jobs can make you feel like a spy?

Do you have any other suggestions for ways to make money during university? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter

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