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3 things you must know to find a summer job

Man working in a coffee shopThe summer can be a difficult time if you’re a student; with an abundance of time and a lack of money it is no surprise that students turn to summer work to make ends meet. Not only does a temporary job offer you a place to spend the three or so months before the next semester starts, it also allows you to earn a wage which you could then either save it for a rainy day or spend on activities to keep you entertained during your free time.

Getting a temporary job, like a permanent position, requires a bit of work; below is some advice on the best practices for getting yourself short-term employment.

Make sure your CV is up-to-scratch

This is advice that you will hear throughout your working life; you have probably already been given this advice hundreds of times, but it is so vital that we are going to say it again regardless: keep your CV up-to-date!

Don’t wait until you’ve received educational results or work experience to update your CV; most things you do, especially in University, will gain you some sort of experience and it is crucial to use that to your advantage. A science degree may not seem like it has much to do with retail but it’s likely that you’ve honed your skills in attention to detail, precision and problem-solving, which will make you more desirable to employers. It’s just a matter of figuring out what key skills you’ve been practicing while in lectures. This advice goes to all students, regardless of the subject that you’re studying!

The same applies to anything extracurricular you do: joining societies or sports teams, volunteering or engaging with the community show employers that you are an active individual with the skills necessary to be an asset to their company. CV updates should be ongoing, just because you haven’t had a new job or haven’t gained a new qualification does not mean that you haven’t done things that are worthy to add to your CV. Lastly, don’t forget to spell-check your CV, it never hurts to fix any spelling mistakes and typos you may have missed.

Retail & bar work

In the summer months it is definitely worth walking up and down your local high street; faced with a higher influx of customers, most retailers take on temporary summer staff over this busy period. Most big businesses and supermarkets will also advertise their jobs online, so it’s worth checking to see if there’s anything available there. However, this plan isn’t foolproof and many companies still advertise work on their shop window and only there. It’s always handy to carry a few CV’s and cover letters with you when you’re out and about town, in case you spot something. Even if a shop isn’t looking for someone at that particular point in time, many places will be happy to keep your information on file, plus it shows your enthusiasm!

Bar work is also a winner when it comes to student jobs, with pubs and clubs constantly searching for bar tenders and cloakroom workers. As you’re probably already familiar with the range of drinks available at your local pub, bar work often has a minimal learning curve, unless you apply for a place that pride themselves on their flair bartending!

Go freelance

MoneyIf you haven’t had any luck with applying for jobs, then it’s time to get entrepreneurial! Mowing lawns, babysitting, pet-sitting, tutoring, there’s a world of work out there for people who are able to manage their time and sniff out opportunities. The best thing about being your own boss is that you are able to set your own prices; of course you shouldn’t take advantage of this - no one’s going to pay you £100 for taking a dog for a walk - but freelancing definitely has much more money-making potential in contrast to working for a company.

Freelancing can be difficult and is definitely best suited for people who trust their abilities to search for work and don’t get fazed by drawbacks, though if you’ve decided to work freelance after a string of job rejections, you clearly have the needed tenacity!

There we have it, some starter tips for earning a bit more money this summer; if you have your own tips we’d love to hear them, so please tell us in the comments or tweet at @CapProp! Whether you’re working or not this summer we hope you have a great time, and let us know if you need help to find the best student accommodation for September!

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