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Be saver savvy

It's time to be saver savvyHands up if you're having a mild panic about where the next couple of months' money are coming from? Hands up if your student loan was spent in the first week of receiving it? Hands up if you want to manage your money better but are useless at trying?! You're in great company and you are definitely not alone!

It’s time to sort yourself out; no if’s or but’s, let’s do this! It doesn't have to be a complete headache, you’ll never do it if that’s the case! So how, you ask, are we going to help with your budget? Incentives! Have a look at our top tips to managing your money without being the grumps hiding under a rock all summer.

Cash versus card                                                         

If you can conquer this old trick then you are onto a winner as it is highly effective but definitely takes a lot of patience and a lot of willpower. The patience comes in because you need to sit down and work out your weekly spending and costs – necessities and treats. The reason you’re doing this is because you are going to withdraw said amount from your bank account, and it has to last you all week. Your card is not allowed out with you so factor things in properly and don’t forget that you need to include expenses like fuel, food shopping, pub trips and ad-hoc parties… that is unless you think you can walk past an ice cream van without stopping on the hottest day of the year? If you thought that was easy, how about walking past a gloriously sunny beer garden? Yup, thought that one may get you! It’s important to ration yourself but also be realistic. The idea is that if you use ‘real’ solid money rather than your card which represents an amount of money that you don’t have to think about, it is so much harder to actually part with it (especially if you do not check your statements or online banking!). Once you’re at the end of that week, re-evaluate and do it again. Don’t forget to sort your bills out if they go in one lump sum, you don’t want to be caught out half way through the month!

Keep your receipts

Receipts are important if you're savingIt is so easy to throw your receipts in the bin as soon as you leave the shop or when you get home or maybe just stuff them into your handbag or pocket to deal with again?! If you actually hold onto them and check how much you’ve spent each week, not only will it make it easier to budget for the next week but you can also check whether your spending was justified or not! Again, you may try and put this one off but if you want to be a savvy spender who gets to treat themselves without the guilt factor, you should really get yourself into gear!

Cut back

Save some money by making your own and eating outIt’s the one that everyone is bored of listening to but that actually makes a lot of sense… homemade over shop-bought! Are you honestly telling me that the cup of tea you just bought tastes any different to the one you have at home? If you’re going to see your friends then chances are (and fingers crossed) you will be sat outside in either a café or a beer garden. Bring the fun home to you where you won’t get charged to use china rather than a paper cup, do a BYO sort of gathering so that everyone has what they “ordered” and you can still be out enjoying the weather! If you don’t have an outdoor space to use then why not head to one of the beautiful parks that Cardiff has to offer? There are so many lush spots to choose from but make sure you play by the rules – if it says no barbeques then respect their wishes, we want our parks to stay beautiful!

There you have it, some really simple but potentially scary ways to get savvy with your money this summer so that you can still have the best summer without breaking the bank or hiding indoors watching reruns of The Hills! 

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