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The Great Roath Bake Off: how to make the ultimate bake

Cakes and bakesThis Saturday, the hospitable venue St Andrews Church will host The Great Roath Bake Off for the fifth consecutive year. The event brings together thousands of residents from all over Cardiff for a day of cakes, bakes, judges and live music; with performances from South Wales’ best musicians, including Stephanie Webber and Tom Auton. The Great Roath Bake Off raised thousands of pounds for local charities last year, and this year is expected to reach even higher targets. Bakers from all over the country will flock to the city to flaunt their best bakes. The day will consist of contests including Best Cake, Best Bake, Best Professional Cake and a Junior Bake Off. What we’ve learned from The Great British Bake Off is that everyone loves a darn good cake, so don’t be modest - if you have a passion for baking, we want to see it! If you think you’ve got what it takes, ready, set, bake!


Whether you’re planning on using familiar flavours like vanilla, cherries and marzipan, or experimenting with something new such as Marmite and caramel, make sure that you’ve tasted your cake before the judges do! You want the flavours to be present without being overwhelming. If you’re planning on creating a showstopper, ensure that your bake tastes as good as it looks.


Undercooking your cake can be as disastrous as overbaking it, so get your timings right. If you’re using a recipe, stick to it, and never leave your cake unattended; you don’t want one of the judges pulling a Paul Hollywood on you now, do you?

CakeStick to something you know or try something new

If you’re lucky enough to have a baking enthusiasts in the family, why not dig out an old favourite recipe that has been passed down the generations? You never know it could be a winner, besides the recipe has been handed-down for a reason! If you decide to take the alternative route and modify a recipe, try not to deviate away from the recipe too much unless you’re confident with it. Practice makes perfect so make sure you’ve got your entry nailed before submitting it.


People really do eat with their eyes so decorating your entry is a must! If you’re blessed with an artistic flair then use your skills to make your bake blow the other entries out of the water and don’t hold back. Whether you’re using fruit, icing pens, buttercream, chocolate, icing paint, fondant shapes or you’re cutting your cake into a unique shape, any technique done well will win you bonus points. Be creative and your cake could become the talk of the show!

CakesPay attention to detail

Imagine the moment you’ve gone through the blood, sweat and tears, you have created what you think is a masterpiece and it’s finally on show to the world… and the judges. But wait, are your eyes deceiving you or is your cake lopsided?! Be stringent in your final checks because there is nothing worse than noticing things you could have improved on when it’s just too late. Simple things you can do are to check that your cake filling is evenly spread, keep the presentation neat and cut away all burnt edges.

Have some fun

Be inventive! The more creative the cake, the more fun you’ll have making it. Imagine your ideal birthday cake and have a go at baking it. It’s a charity event, so remember to relax and have a jolly good time! 

Here at Capital Properties we want you to make the most of your local area, so keep up to date on our blogs as we are big supporters of the local community! If you need any guidance on renting property in Cardiff, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can definitely help with that too!

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