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Decorating your house for Christmas the student way

Christmas presents [photo via pixabay]Whether you're a fresher living away from home for the first time or a final year student who has plenty of experience in surviving without mum and dad being around all the time, celebrating Christmas in your student house can be an incredible experience. Besides tasting the dishes at each of Cardiff's newest eateries, there's no better way to bond with your housemates than participating in a flat-based secret Santa draw, cooking your very own Christmas dinner and transforming your house into a spectacular winter wonderland.

Indeed, living in rented accommodation can bring with it strict decorating rules, especially if what you want to do is likely to leave a stain - this can dampen your plans to hang up tinsel and fairy lights or whip out the fake snow! Nevertheless, as it’s December and the doors on our advent calendar are opening up, here at Capital Properties, we want to make sure you spend the last few weeks of term in an appropriately Christmassy setting. So, as long as you’re not living with the resident Grinch, we’ve rounded up some of the easiest DIY decoration ideas that won’t break the bank and, best of all, your rental agreement!

Christmas Baubles [photo via pixabay]Deck the halls

Nothing says Christmas better than the array of ornaments decorating the trees and homes of houses nationwide, and there are so many ways of recreating this form of holiday spirit in your own student home. Simply investing in some fridge magnets could let you have your very own fridge snowman right in your kitchen, while saving the bottle caps next time you have everyone around for pre-drinks and getting creative with some buttons and ribbon can result in these adorable snowman ornaments that can be hung everywhere from door handles to kitchen drawers. Another idea for the artists among you is finding an alternative use for any spare light bulbs you may have and creating these simple but effective penguin ornaments, or you could challenge yourself to try something a bit more adventurous if you’re adept with a paintbrush and a steady hand!

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

Whilst having an actual Christmas tree is the first step to decorating your home for the holidays, unless you’re lucky enough to have a family member or friend lend you one they’re not using, buying a Christmas tree with your housemates will not seem like the best solution when it gets to July and you cannot decide on who gets to keep it. Luckily, there are ways to make your own Christmas tree from items you already own. Do you remember those textbooks that you no longer need now you’ve handed in your final essay? Stack them up and wrap some lights around them! Or for something a little more unusual, how about a pasta Christmas tree? All you need to create this unique decoration is something to serve as a base cone, some glue and every student’s favourite ingredient.

Snowflake [photo via pixabay]White Christmas

Of course, the one thing most people hope for every Christmas is a little bit of snow to make it a fairy-tale white Christmas, and while the times where this actually happens are few and far between, there’s nothing stopping you from working your DIY magic with paper and scissors to recreate the magic in the warmth of your own home. Lace doilies can make great snowflake garlands and threading some fairy lights through them adds an extra Christmas feel to the arrangement, while a more rustic touch can be achieved using twigs, pine needles and anything else you can think of. Painting correctional fluid on pine cones can also depict a snowy illusion as part of a centrepiece or as another ornament for the tree, although, personally, we’re of the opinion that nothing can beat the traditional cut and fold method of paper snowflakes.

At Capital Properties, we have a fantastic range of properties available for students looking to rent in Cardiff, simply get in touch with us today to arrange a viewing! If you do decide to decorate your student accommodation this Christmas, be sure to send your festive images to us through our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages or let us know if you have any more creative suggestions you want to share!

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