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New Cardiff Community to be created on Dumballs Road

New Campus on Dumballs RoadCardiff Council’s plans to redevelop a run-down industrial area into a new riverfront community have taken a massive step forward after the council released a new report detailing the redevelopment scheme.

The 33-acre site, situated on Dumballs Road, is currently occupied by garages and industrial units, but as we mentioned back in October, developer Bellerphon managed to secure 56.8% of the land and had planned to increase their ownership to 82.3% of the plot by the end of 2013. However, Cardiff council revealed in their report that Bellerphon had only secured 68% instead of the 82.3% mentioned previously, with agreements signed for an additional 22% in early 2014. The council is still in negotiations for an additional 7% which would leave 3% of the land outstanding, should they be successful.

By acquiring this land, Cardiff Council and Bellerphon are now free to begin construction providing they relocate the businesses currently in the area to other areas of Cardiff.

What will the riverfront community comprise of?

Cardiff Council’s plan – which they are calling a “major project” for the city – is to turn the site into a new modern housing development, consisting of 2,070 new homes, with 950 of these earmarked as affordable housing. These affordable houses will include 158 one-bedroom, 757 two-bedroom and 35 three-bedroom properties. Back in October, the council also agreed to - in principal - take control of 775 units on a 40-45 year lease in order to provide the reasonably priced homes. This will be funded through a pension fund which will, in return, generate a long-term income stream.

Cardiff Council hope that by creating this new community, 3,000 construction jobs and 500 additional long term jobs will be created, helping to boost the job market in Wales.

While housing is the primary focus of the report, the plans also included construction of Greenland areas as well as significant infrastructure improvements.

Speaking about the redevelopment plans, Lynda Thorne, cabinet member for communities, said:

“The council is committed to utilising Cardiff’s entire housing stock by working closely with private sector landlords, giving access to funding to renovate empty homes that can be rented, making improvements to our own housing stock as well as new developments such as the housing proposed for Dumballs Road”.

Cardiff’s modernisation looks set to continue in 2014, with - as in 2013 - the council planning to redevelop many areas throughout the city. Last September, the council revealed plans to create a ‘gateway to Wales’, and in December they announced that the construction of a new pedestrian bridge would begin in January 2014. Finally, plans were recently submitted to the council for a new student accommodation block near Dumfries Place.

Cardiff has always been a popular city for students, but the city’s redevelopment plans mean there has never been a better time to visit or live in Cardiff. If you’re a student looking for student accommodation, please take a look at the properties we have available and get in touch for professional advice and assistance.

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