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Why Choose Cardiff to Study?

Study at Cardiff UniversityIf you're looking for somewhere to study in the near future, look no further than Cardiff. Cardiff has three major Universities to choose from - all offering a huge variety of interesting and challenging courses, expert teaching, professional support and all in great locations. Along with exciting new developments throughout the city and a cool, vibrant and exciting atmosphere, Cardiff is the right choice.

Get more for your money

It is no secret that studying at universities in Wales is a cheaper option than in England for Welsh and European Union students, who only have pay back around £3,575 of their tuition fees, with the remainder of the £9,000 annual fee being paid by the Welsh Government. For students living in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the full £9,000 loan for tuition fees does have to be repaid. However, the quality of courses, success rates and the experience of living in Cardiff is second to none. So with all this in mind, along with being one of the cheapest places to study in the UK, it would seem almost foolish not to consider Cardiff as a possible destination to further your education.

A review of the current tuition fee policy in Wales is also being planned for the near future, which could result in Welsh universities, colleges and schools receiving more money to attract additional students. With extra funding, students will benefit from better facilities, whilst more expensive courses such as engineering, chemistry or physics, which need specialist equipment, can be improved. The plan to build a state of the art campus for the Cardiff and Vale College and the recent merge of the University of South Wales merge will attract more students to Wales’ Capital city, and are just some examples of the exciting developments in Cardiff and Cardiff Bay.

A digitally advanced cosmopolitan city

Cardiff is Europe’s youngest Capital city and really is one of the most upcoming and developing cities there is. In addition to being young, ambitious and fast-growing, it is one of the most digitally connected cities in the UK. With a higher percentage of households able to connect to super-fast broadband speeds and one of only 11 cities having access to 4G. Cardiff will have unrivalled average internet speeds in Europe and on par, if not superior to cities in Japan and USA. On top of this, residents and visitors in Cardiff will be able to access free Wi-Fi in hotspots around the city by Christmas and in public buildings, schools and buses by March 2015.

Exciting times ahead

There are currently more than 65,000 under graduates, 12,000 post graduates and 6,000 overseas students studying in Cardiff, which says a lot about the desirability of the city. It is also no surprise that when students graduate, they like to continue living here. The fascinating developments in the city centre and particularly in Cardiff Bay attract thousands of visitors each year. As Europe’s largest and most exciting waterfront development, Cardiff Bay is spectacular. With stunning views of the Bay and a wide range of tasty restaurants and trendy bars, it is at the cusp of something truly special, which will give Wales’ economy a tremendous boost. 

The City centre provides an abundance of world class entertainment, including a wide variety of pubs, bars and hip clubs, even more fantastic restaurants, stylish shopping arcades, theatres, a dynamic music scene and artistic events. High quality sporting events in the Millennium Stadium and the recent success of Cardiff City FC achieving promotion to the Premiership all add to the city’s continuous growth. Every single taste is catered for in Cardiff!

Pick the Right Course for You!

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the excellent Universities Cardiff has to offer. Cardiff University, University of South Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University have hundreds of undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Have a browse, see what they have to offer and pick the right course which suits your abilities and needs.

If we have persuaded you to think about studying in Cardiff, you’ll also need to find comfortable, affordable and suitable student accommodation. At Capital Properties, we will strive to help you find the best possible student accommodation in buzzing student areas such as Cathays, Roath, City Centre, Heath, Gabalfa,Cardiff Bay, Adamsdown and Splott. We will take care of all your needs and ensure that you enjoy every minute of studying and living in Cardiff.

With any luck, after completing you degree you may want to stick around, just like the thousands of graduates before you, and find employment in one of the most exciting cities in the UK and Europe.

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