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Super Food Recipes

Since we're located at the centre of Cardiff student area and very close to Cardiff Uni it is hard to miss it: it's that time of year again - Exams! Your money's short, you're panicking, you're stressed and all you want is to go home for your mothers delicious cooking.
But hang on in there guys, it's not all doom and gloom! We have provided some student friendly, affordable super food recipes which will get your brain into gear and prepare you for tackling those all-important exams.

Eggs and Beans on toast

Beans on toastYes guys! The ultimate tasty, easy to make student favourite is actually great for keeping the brain sharp during this stressful period. Eggs are packed full of goodness, the protein and fat provides energy which will keep you going for hours. They also contain selenium, which is a powerful mood lifter, so if you feel that you didn't do that well, don't worry, eggs will cheer you up.
Beans also improve memory, help combat stress and keep you focused, while reducing the need for a sugar boost! However remember not to go overboard, we all know the consequences! Try poaching eggs for a little extra gourmet feel.

Pasta with Tomatoes

Again, another cheap, easy to make meal which has fuelled students since exams were invented. Pasta of course is full of carbohydrates, which keep your energy levels up, and tomatoes (buy fresh - they taste great and are better for you!) contain lycopene, which is an anti-oxidant and great for the brain. Warning- Don’t substitute for Ketchup!
Also, why not try tostadas con tomate - a typical Spanish breakfast which is not only easy to make but absolutely delicious. Simply toast some fresh bread - a baguette preferably, and just blend the tomatoes with a little extra virgin olive oil and garlic and spread! ¡Muy Bien!

Smoked Salmon Bagel

OK, so these can be a little more expensive for students, but they taste amazing and are filled with goodness. It has been proved that salmon improves cognition, alertness, memory and mood. For the bagel, try the seeded kind, they contain lots of protein, vitamin E and unsaturated fat, which can only be good!
For a little extra yumminess, add some low-fat cream cheese and a little rocket salad or spinach. Leafy greens contain iron which prevents fatigue, poor mood and foggy thinking.

Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

These two super fruits are a perfect match when it comes to exam stress, and they taste fantastic together! You don’t need to be reminded that bananas are a fantastic memory booster and are full of glucose, and blueberries are full of fibre and anti-oxidants, great for reducing daily wear and tear on brain cells. Bananas are also great for boosting memory. For another handy recipe, add bananas and blueberries to your porridge in the morning.

Coffee/Tea (2-3 cups per day max!)

CoffeeWe’re sure you know this already, but coffee is a great energy boost just before entering the dreaded exam hall. It has been proven that people work more effectively after drinking coffee, and there’s no excuse not to really, Cardiff has a lot of coffee shops!
Tea is also great, especially fresh green teas and others such as Chai and Darjeeling. Fresh tea will give you more benefit than your average cuppas. It's full of anti-oxidants, which will get rid of all that junk from the weekend!

Dark Chocolate

Please make sure it is dark! Milk and white chocolate do not count! They are full of sugar and saturated fat which will make you sluggish and tired, and totally unprepared for exams! Dark chocolate however, is very good for you. You may not think it tastes as good as your regular choccy but it contains caffeine, which is a brain-booster compound and is full of anti-oxidants.

So remember guys and girls: eat well, sleep well, revise well and take regular breaks - too much revision can be bad revision. Super foods are a great way to help you along with reducing stress and keep your brain in good shape. The only thing they can’t do is sit the exams for you!

Good luck everybody!

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