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Cardiff News Round-up - 11th December

Up to 9% increase announced in Rail fares leads to protests

We are used to rail fares increasing every year, but when it rises dramatically more than wages then many feel it is time to do something. Rail fares in Wales have increased by 30% since the start of recession, compared to an 11.9% average increase in wages. Since we are to expect a 4-9% increase next year and cuts in rail staff, Trade Unions have answered by organising protests in Swansea and Cardiff, among 50 other towns across the UK. The Action for Rail campaign aims at combatting the Government’s decision to allow above-inflation fare rises for the 10th year or so in a row, and it also aims at fighting plans of staff cuts.

Cardiff now has a Twitter trend

On a lighter note, Twitter has extended its Trends to 12 UK cities, including Cardiff. On its first day we could see trends such as #HappyBirthdayJB (shame on you if you’ve thought of Justin Bieber; it was JB from JLS) and #Christmas. Since then some Welsh Twitter users have taken on Twitter to share with the world the stupid questions asked frequently of the Welsh, such as “What’s Welsh for pizza?” or “Wales? I heard it’s a beautiful part of England”.

For more on the subject check out the Walesonline article.

Guinness World Record set for Fire Fighters charity

1,905 people showed up last Saturday in Cardiff Bay to help raise funds for the Fire Fighters Charity in Cardiff Bay. The Fire Fighters charity along with the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service brought 3,000 crackers to beat the Japanese who held the Guinness Record for the highest number of Christmas crackers pulled simultaneously. We beat them by a cracking 400 people, congratulations to all Cardiffians and Cardiff Bay visitors who helped beat the record!

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