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5 websites every Cardiff student should read

If you're a student in Cardiff, there's no excuse not to get stuck in to its vibrant city life. There are many great Cardiff blogs and websites to help you discover all that's going on and to venture beyond the student bubble. Here are a few to get you started: 


WalesOnline's local community site for Cardiff is a great place to get started, with local news, events, guest blogs and more. Being professionally run, it also has the advantage of being very frequently updated with news, though many of the other Cardiff sites make up for volume in character and quality, of course.

Gair Rhydd

Gair RhyddIf you’re a Cardiff University student, you’re already reading this one, right?! Some students turn their noses up at the “gay read”, as it is sometimes unfortunately nicknamed. Admittedly, as a student paper, the quality of the articles can sometimes be a little hit and miss.

But the writers and editors are a passionate bunch. The paper has often won awards and often showcases real journalistic talent. Don’t forget to check out its sister publication Quench, and television and radio counterparts CUTV and Xpress Radio.

We Are CardiffWe are Cardiff

This site collects the stories of different people who live in Cardiff. Combining photography from around the city with personal stories from a wide range of people, it’s great for getting a feel for Cardiff. And they’re now trying to turn the site into a documentary, which is very cool.

PlastikPlastik Magazine

A magazine of culture for Cardiff, and if that sounds a bit pretentious, it isn’t really. It offers a refreshing take on film, theatre, indie music and other cultural goings-on.

Oh, and that very pink colour scheme? “The colour of pop”, apparently... “Pop is what defines our brand and that’s why we’re so into it.” Okay, so maybe a little pretentious.

Caerdydd Wrth NosCaerdyddWrthNos

Ac i siaradwyr Cymraeg, mae CaerdyddWrthNos yn blog sydd yn “cynnig cip-olwg di-ddifrifol ar bywyd yma yng Nghaerdydd”, gan gynwys cofnodion mewn Gymraeg mwy syml ar gyfer Dysgwyr. Ardderchog! (This is a Welsh language blog about Cardiff, including posts in simpler Welsh for learners - fantastic if you really want to go native in Wales).

We’ve picked out a few top reads, but there are many more – please let us know which sites you recommend via Twitter and Facebook!

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