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Local elections: Use your vote!

It’s election day! It is clear that many Cardiff residents have very mixed feelings about how they will vote on today, but it is so important to put some thought in to thinking about this matter and use your vote! We can hardly complain about consequent events on a local, nor on a national level, if we do not use our vote when opportunity arises to have our voice heard.

Widespread opinion is that Labour are headed to fight back to regain councils and councillors across Wales. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is tomorrow, with areas such as Roath, for example, in recent times being a strongly Lib Dem area.

A poll carried out on May 1st by YouGov for the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University suggests that, “People are returning to Labour in droves as the Conservative-Liberal Democrat UK Government imposes swingeing public-sector cuts and austerity measures.” (Wales Online) The same report added, “Labour continues to run well ahead of all the other parties in support for Westminster and the National Assembly as well.”

It predicted voting intentions for Thursday to be:

  • 17% for the Conservatives (up 1% on 2008)
  • 14% for Plaid Cymru (down 3%)
  • 7% for the Liberal Democrats (down 6%).

15% of respondents indicated that they would vote for independent or other candidates (down 13% on the proportion actually doing so in 2008).
Read More at: Wales Online

People have suggested that they do not always feel well informed about who their local councillors are and what their priorities for action and change might be. Visit the Cardiff Council website to investigate the options and become better informed to make a decision on voting for your area on 3rd May 2012.

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